Nocturne Sessions (Disk 3) – Mixed By Robert (3D) Del Naja Nocturne Sessions (Disk 3) – Mixed By Robert (3D) Del Naja

Nocturne Sessions (Disk 3)

Release Date: 12th March 2002

Notes: This disc is one of the rarest Massive Attack promo discs in existence. There were only 200 copies produced and each is numbered. This disc was only given out free to the first 200 patrons of the Nocturne club in Bristol on the night of the 12th March 2002. It was the third in the series of such very limited releases from Nocturne to feature exclusive one track mixes from well-known DJ’s and musicians from Bristol. This particular one was mixed by 3D and offers a interesting look at some of his favourite songs over the years and a few, what were at the time, exclusive Massive Attack tracks …

  1. Pink Floyd – On The Run
  2. Kraftwerk – Musique Non Stop
  3. Massive Attack – I Against I
  4. Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s Dead
  5. Can – Mushroom
  6. The Twinkle Brothers – Jehovia In Dub Majesty (Mix By Jah Shaka And Mad Professor)
  7. Vangelis – Blush Response
  8. Massive Attack – Risingson (Mad Professor Remix)
  9. The Saints – This Perfect Day (Single Version)
  10. Radiohead – Meeting In The Aisle
  11. Psyche/BFC – Elements
  12. This Heat – 24 Track Loop
  13. Public Image LTD – Careering
  14. Liquid Liquid – Cavern
  15. Massive Attack – Inflight Data
  16. Vangelis – Tales Of The Future
  17. Public Image LTD – Radio 4

download: Nocturne Sessions (Disk 3) – Mixed By Robert (3D) Del Naja

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